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The Synthesis and Analysis of Skyrmionic Swedenborgite Materials

Halouzka, Tobias (2019) The Synthesis and Analysis of Skyrmionic Swedenborgite Materials. Research Project, Chemistry.


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This research project involved the synthesis of CaBaCo2Fe2O7 and the attempted synthesis of CaBaCo2V2O7 which are both swedenborgite-like compounds. All compounds were made using solid state synthesis and were characterised using powder and single-crystal x-ray diffraction, energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) and magnetization measurements. The CaBaCo2Fe2O7 was determined to belong to the P63mc space group with hexagonal geometry, and the lattice parameters a = 6.331 Å, b = 6.331 Å and c = 10.2322 Å. The magnetisation was measured at 1T from 300K to 10K and resulted in two ordering peaks at 50K and 140K under zero field. The magnetisation against applied field was measured at 7T at 10K and 100K and showed hysteresis at both temperatures. The magnetization measurements showed ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic ordering in CaBaFe2Co2O7. The crystal growth of CaBaCo2V2O7 resulted in oxidation of the vanadium, and the formation of barium vanadate (R-3 space group, rhombohedral) single crystals. The crystal growth was carried out again using a 37%:63% mixture of CaCl2 and BaCl2 as flux, which reacted with the compound to make Co3O4 and Ca2(VO4)Cl (orthorhombic) . Using CaCl2 as a flux by itself resulted in the formation of a monoclinic unidentified crystal compound with point group P21c.

Item Type: Thesis (Research Project)
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Degree programme: Chemistry
Thesis type: Research Project
Language: English
Date Deposited: 08 Jul 2019
Last Modified: 11 Jul 2019 06:18

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