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Extracting Beliefs from Hidden Protocol Situations: Additions to the Existing Formalisation

van de Braak, Laura (2019) Extracting Beliefs from Hidden Protocol Situations: Additions to the Existing Formalisation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.


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In social situations, it frequently occurs that people or agents use protocols to deduce or give extra meaning to a phrase. A protocol determines the way a phrase is interpreted by the listening agents. It is not always the case that all agents will be aware of the same protocols. Also, the protocols are not always known to all agents, in which case they are referred to as hidden protocols. An example of this if two businessmen, one British and one American, try to plan a meeting on the first floor of a building. Unbeknownst to both of them, their interpretation of 'first floor' differs: the American will arrive at the floor on ground level, where the Brit will go to the next floor up from the ground level. Based on a formal epistemic protocol logic, introduced by Ghosh, Van Ditmarsch, Verbrugge and Wang, this project involved creating a simulation to show the knowledge, beliefs, and reasoning involved in a hidden protocol situation. The epistemic protocol logic was not descriptive enough to model the nuances of reasoning deemed necessary, so additions were postulated. These were then expressed in a simulation. This was done by formulating a few real-world examples in the formal protocol logic, followed by translating those formulations to a simulation.

Item Type: Thesis (Master's Thesis / Essay)
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Degree programme: Artificial Intelligence
Thesis type: Master's Thesis / Essay
Language: English
Date Deposited: 28 Aug 2019
Last Modified: 11 Sep 2019 06:24

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