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Essay: The problems of cochlear implants and music perception and what we can change: a review.

Bakker, J. (2015) Essay: The problems of cochlear implants and music perception and what we can change: a review. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

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Music is enjoyed by millions over the world. Unfortunately cochlear implant users are not able to enjoy music as normal hearing people can. Aside from not being able to enjoy it, they also do not benefit from the benefits music has. It has used to treat different disorders like OCD and depression, has proven useful in speech perception and is even able to “deceive” people about their physical status. Making them feel much better than they actually physically are. The CI has problems on many fronts. Fundamental frequencies are not picked up well by CI users resulting in problems with pitch perception. Timbre is not relegated by CIs which causes all instruments sound the same. The only thing CI users seem to be able to pick up when listening to music are clear lyrics and rhythm. A solid solution is not easy to find. There are problems with the quality of the sound itself, increasing fidelity could lead to clearer sharper sound. This is however dependent on the advances in the electronics of CIs and a actively developed but years away from reaching normal hearing fidelity. Another possibility is adding presets that can be selected by the user. CIs boost certain frequencies which are useful for speech but can hinder the perception of music. Giving presets might remedy this. Furthermore the so called musician effect might be useful. If CI users were to receive musical training they could learn to value music as well a gain better pitch perception which will increase the perception of music as well as help speech perception.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor's Thesis)
Degree programme: Biology
Thesis type: Bachelor's Thesis
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