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Synthesis & Structure Determination of Nickel Formazanate complexes

De Vries, Renske (2018) Synthesis & Structure Determination of Nickel Formazanate complexes. Research Project in Science Communication, Science Education and Communication.

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A reproducible synthetic route was established for the two-electron reduced bis(formazanate) nickel complex (complex 3). A reaction with water resulted in complex 5, the identity of which is investigated here but not conclusively elucidated. Characterization of 5 by cyclic voltammetry was done, but showed no chemical reversibility upon scanning into the negative or positive directions. The reaction of complex 3 with PPNCl resulted in complex 9. Complex 9 shows similarities in the chemical shift of the ligand in the 1H-NMR spectrum with complex 5. It thus seems that both PPNCl and H2O react with 3 to form a similar species, but its identity remains unknown. The reaction of complex 1 with reducing agent, PPh4Cl and water resulted in a bis(formazanate) nickel complex with two protonated ligands (complex 8). A reaction sequence is proposed in which the PPh4+ cation was reduced during a two-electron cleavage to PPh3O in the presence of water. Complex 8 shows interesting redox chemistry; multiple quasi-reversible peaks were obtained from cyclic voltammetry. Unfortunately, no hydrogen evolution reaction was visible after electrochemical catalysis in the presence of acetic acid.

Item Type: Thesis (Research Project in Science Communication)
Supervisor name: Otten, E.
Degree programme: Science Education and Communication
Thesis type: Research Project in Science Communication
Language: English
Date Deposited: 31 Aug 2018
Last Modified: 06 Sep 2018 14:48

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