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Tunable Artificial Spider Dragline Silk Fibers

Zee, Leander van der (2023) Tunable Artificial Spider Dragline Silk Fibers. Research Paper, Nanoscience.

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Spider silk is one of the toughest materials in nature. To fully utilize the mechan- ical properties of major ampullate spider silk, the origin of the properties must be understood. The structure of major ampullate spider glands, spidroin protein folding and spidroin acquisition will be discussed. Spidroins are composed of 3 main parts, those being the N- and C-terminals and a central repetitive region. The N- and C-terminals play a role in the formation of secondary structures in spider silk, while the repetitive part gives the structure flexibility. The spinning of artificial spider silk is preferably done using wet spinning, as this spinning technique allows for many parameters to be controlled. The mechanical properties of artificial silk can be partially controlled by pH, reeling speed, relative humidity, and ion concentration. While other parame- ters are present in the production of natural spider silk, most do not appear to significantly affect the resulting properties of the fibers when created artifi- cially. Reeling speed and relative humidity appear to be useful parameters to adjust the mechanical properties of artificial spidroin fibers, while ion concen- tration and pH will likely adopt a single optimal value to maximize the desired mechanical properties. While much research has been done to determine the structure of spun silk fibers, the resulting mechanical properties have not yet been thoroughly researched. As such, more of this type of research is requ

Item Type: Thesis (Research Paper)
Supervisor name: Kamperman, M.M.G.
Degree programme: Nanoscience
Thesis type: Research Paper
Language: English
Date Deposited: 08 Jun 2023 10:20
Last Modified: 08 Jun 2023 10:20

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