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Affordable head tracking

Smit, J. (2008) Affordable head tracking. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

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Today’s virtual reality systems are relatively expensive. They either require a CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment) or a head mounted display. Such devices are not avaible for personal use. As computer games continues to get more realistic, Virtual reality could be the next level for realism in computer games. Recently a graduate Ph.D student, Johnny Lee, demonstrated head tracking using the Wii Remote. The Wii Remote is the controller which ships with the Wii game console from Nintendo. When the Wii Remote was introduced it was a revolution in the game industry. Because its new idea of input was so radically different from the typical ways of interacting in a game, thus the Wii became instantly a huge success. What distinquishes the Wii Remote from traditional controllers is that it is equiped with accelerometers. These devices measure the accelaration the Wii Remote makes. Players can now interact by moving the Wii Remote, instead of pressing buttons on a controller. This means they can make natural movements, like the ones made in reality if playing games, like tennis or bowling.

Item Type: Thesis (Bachelor's Thesis)
Degree programme: Computing Science
Thesis type: Bachelor's Thesis
Language: English
Date Deposited: 15 Feb 2018 07:28
Last Modified: 15 Feb 2018 07:28

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