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Simulation of a railroad crossing : a test case for ARTIE

Winkel, G.J. te (1996) Simulation of a railroad crossing : a test case for ARTIE. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

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ARTIE (Architectecture for hard Real-TIme Environments) is a new architecture for real-time systems. ARTIE consists, among other things, of two processors. The kernel processor runs the operating system and on the task processor the application is executed. In this report ARTIE is evaluated by simulating a typical real-time application, a controller for a railroad crossing. The application is developed with the use of the CASE-tool EPOS. In EPOS the application is designed stepwise. At the start the problem statement is given. The development process ends with a complete design, an application consisting of tasks that can be executed on the task processor of ARTIE. With a formal method, wp-calculus, the functionality of the tasks are verified. Because wp-calculus is not specially suitable for the specification of real-time systems, tatechartsare also used for the verification. It s also proven that the set of critical tasks, tasks which should never exceed their deadline, is feasible. The simulator consists of the implementation of ARTIE and a simulator of the environment of the railroad crossing. During the simulation sessions information about ARTIE's behaviour is collected. with this information ARTIE is evaluated.

Item Type: Thesis (Master's Thesis / Essay)
Degree programme: Computing Science
Thesis type: Master's Thesis / Essay
Language: English
Date Deposited: 15 Feb 2018 07:29
Last Modified: 15 Feb 2018 07:29

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