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Standardization of financial transactions

Craens, G. D. (2007) Standardization of financial transactions. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

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Banks and other financial organizations are using a lot of different formats to realize services (e.g. payments by direct debit or credit transfer) for their customers today. Also the difference in law ofa country causes different formats. The rules for a direct debit are for example different in Italy compared th the Netherlands. The Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA) initiative involves the creation of a zone for the euro in which all electronic payments are considered domestic and where a difference between national and international payments does not exist. The project aims to improve the efficiency of international payments and also to develop common financial instruments, standards, procedures, and infrastructure to enable economies of scale. This will replace the complex and costly international infrastructures that are currently in operation. The result is a reduction of the overall cost to the European economy of moving capital around the region. SEPA is based on ISO 20022 and uses the XSD format. The agreement of standardization was made in December 2006. It seems that XSD will be the solution for standardization in the future. But is XSD suitable? What are the constraints of XSD? This thesis contains answers to these and other related questions. Furthermore a design and implementation of an architecture of a SEPA UNIFI Test tool has been made, which is also described in this thesis. This tool is able to 1) validate XML against XSD, 2) generate XML based on an XSD and 3) be able to generate a form based on XSD for user friendly entry. 4) The tool is also smarter than XSD "out of the box" like for example XX 123456789 is a valid bank account according to the regular expression [A-Z]12)[0-9]9}, but not likely to be an existing account as XX is not a country code and 123456789 is not likely to be given out by a bank.

Item Type: Thesis (Master's Thesis / Essay)
Degree programme: Computing Science
Thesis type: Master's Thesis / Essay
Language: English
Date Deposited: 15 Feb 2018 07:30
Last Modified: 15 Feb 2018 07:30

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