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Adema, Mirre (2023) The influence of the Kidney Function on the Pharmacokinetics of Milrinone in Critically Ill Adults on the Intensive Care Unit. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Alhashimi, Nour, NMA (2023) Heterologous expression of DMATS from Lichen and Fungi in E. coli. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Boer, Bernice de (2023) The Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Psychiatric Patients Associated with Comorbidity, Lifestyle and Medication: A Cross-Sectional Study at Psychiatry Department in Isala Hospital. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Boone, Johannes Cornelis (2023) Optimization in the economic evaluation of DMTs for Multiple Sclerosis: evaluating trends in literature and building a cost-effectiveness model for Glatiramer Acetate. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Bordewijk, Mirjam (2023) Pain Relief and its Relation to Satisfaction in Emergency Department Patients. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Bosma, Richard (2023) Development of a Collagen Assay and testing pro- and antifibrotic compounds on fibroblasts in vitro. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Bouma, Hester A. (2023) Partial assay development using a mobile UV spectrophotometer to determine moxifloxacin concentrations in saliva. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Breukelman, Anna (2023) Medication adherence in patients with cystic fibrosis. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Delwig, Sander (2023) Repurposing renal transplant patient HLA genotype data to prevent potential severe drug hypersensitivity reactions. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Dontje, Anouk (2023) Development and evaluation of a physiologically-based pharmacokinetic model for Ivacaftor, Tezacaftor, and Elexacaftor (Kaftrio®) in healthy male adults. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Foekens, Ilse (2023) Quantification of plasma fructose and sorbitol in clinical research: strategies for LC-MS/MS analysis. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Galien, Remco, R van der (2023) Infusion Related Reactions in immunotherapy: a real-world retrospective analysis + Evaluating the safety of shortened infusion tiMes for dIfferent oNcological immunotherapies (MINUTE): An observational prospective study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Grit, Geeske (2023) Een fysiologisch gebaseerd farmacokinetisch (PBPK) model van vincristine in zuigelingen: specificeren voor acute lymfatische leukemie. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Groot, Alise de (2023) Postmortem redistribution of benzodiazepines in humans. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Hadi, Fadia (2023) Therapeutic drug monitoring of the drug-drug interaction between tacrolimus and azoles in lung- and kidney recipients. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Hagedoorn, Jorieke (2023) The effect of prophylactic migraine treatment on the use of triptans: a retrospective prescription database study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Haroun, Christina (2023) A combination of phenotyping, genotyping and TDM methods for optimization of 5-FU therapy for patients with a DPYD variant. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Hoek, Janna van der (2023) Evaluating added value of heavy chain immunoglobulins in the detection of plasma cell dyscrasias. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Hofhuis, A.A.E. (2023) Statins and the risk of Parkinson's disease: a retrospective cohort study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Hofman, F.J.C. (2023) The development of a new formulation to reduce peristomal dermatitis. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Hosseini, Mina (2023) Geneesmiddelinformatie voor de patiënt (GIP). Research Project, Pharmacy.

Huisman, Rosanne (2023) Pregnancy safety signals: regulatory decisions and implementation in daily practice. Research Project, Pharmacy.


IJbema, Hilde Hedwig (2023) Development of point-of-care test to determine the concentration of isoniazid in saliva. Research Project, Pharmacy.


John, Vachan Amar Prem (2023) Ultrasmall liposome preparation and interaction with cells: uptake kinetics and uptake mechanism. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Jonge Poerink, Laurine (2023) The effects of MSC-derived EVs and SFs on DEP and CSE-exposed organoids and elastase-induced emphysema models in mice. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Kampen, Demi, DL van (2023) COmparison of Psychiatric disease and psychotropic drugs duriING pregnancy on maternal and neonatal outcomes (COPING) – and the effect of (dis)continuing methylphenidate on the severity of AD(H)D-related symptoms during pregnancy. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Koenders, Emma (2023) Development of an LC-MS assay to measure sphingolipids: biomarker discovery for Gaucher and Parkinson’s disease. Research Project, Pharmacy.


La Crois, Pim (2023) Using e. Coli as a biofactory for the de novo production of methylated flavonoids. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Lintelo, A.M. te (2023) The effect of EBV infection on the pharmacokinetics of tacrolimus in pediatric liver transplant recipients. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Mittendorff, Charlotte (2023) Magnifying the minuscule: trapping and concentrating extracellular vesicles for future lab-on-a-chip applications. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Molema, Haijo (2023) Voorschrijven door apothekers in de eerstelijnszorg: Een casestudie naar de huidige activiteiten en processen. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Nooteboom, Antonia (2023) A novel hypothermic preservation formulation for the storage of fresh chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cell products using the 6-chromanol derivative SUL-238. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Pals, D. (2023) Implementation of a clinical decision support system for thromboprophylaxis in non-surgical patients. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Platvoet, Jelle (2023) Binding and uptake of mannoseHSA in M2 polarized RAW 264.7 cells: becoming one step closer to drug delivery in the nucleus. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Pleiter, Tim (2023) Repopulation Of Breast Cancer Spheroids After Exposure to Doxorubicin. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Ploeg, Michelle M. van der (2023) Drug-Related Problems After Bariatric Surgery. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Psomiadou, Christiana (2023) Computational Design of Inhibitors for fungal Histone Deacetylases. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Rensink, Peter Gerrit Piet (2023) Insights into the Relationship between Senescence and Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: Investigating the Impact of Dasatinib and Quercetin on Lipid Metabolism in a NAFLD Model. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Roos, Marjolein (2023) Trends in the Prescription of Antidepressant and Antipsychotic Drugs Around Pregnancy in the Netherlands, Focusing on Switching and Dose Adjustments, 2001-2020; a Drug Utilization Study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Ruiter, Emma (2023) Using liposomes with leukemia membrane proteins to study the interactions of leukemia cells and the bone marrow and study homotypic targeting. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Safaei Moghaddam, Amir hossein (2023) Investigating the real-world metabolism of Pantoprazole in kidney transplant recipients. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Selva, L (2023) Internalization of bispecific antibody PRS-344/S095012 in MDA-MB-231 cells, ES2 cells and PBMCs, followed by a co-culture of tumor cells and immune cells. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Shaheen, Jonathan (2023) Development and Optimization of Fluorescent Labeled Lectins in the Treatment of Oncologic and Inflammatory Diseases. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Simon, Marc (2023) A three-compartment model to assess the long-term pharmacokinetics of circulating platinum up to 40 years after cisplatin chemotherapy in testicular cancer survivors. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Slief, Maarten Hendrikus (2023) The effect of abiraterone on the metabolism of oxycodone: the ENABLE study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Smid, Jesse (2023) The inflammatory properties of 2-chloro-adenosine, mono-phosphorylated lipid A and di-phosphorylated lipid A in liver fibrosis. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Stokebrand, Marith (2023) The extent of medication self-management of patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: cross-sectional survey regarding medication self-management skills, division of roles, and factors that influence this. Research Project, Pharmacy.



Tjeerdsma, Marije (2023) Analysis of Safety Concerns regarding the use of Phytoestrogen-Containing Products. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Ubels, D.H. (2023) Sex differences in antipsychotic blood levels: why women should not be treated like men. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Velde, Ymke, MG van der (2023) Physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling of uridine 5’-diphospho-glucuronosultransferase 1A1, 1A4, and 2B7 cleared drugs in pregnant women. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Veldman, D.S. (2023) A study of factors influencing the variation of sodium, potassium and iodine in human saliva to ascertain their use as a diagnostic tool. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Wang, Ka Yu (2023) COPD: breathe easier and live happier - The use of combined treatment of formoterol and tanimilast on lung organoids for the therapeutic intervention in COPD. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Willems, S. H. (2023) TRAPping the Effects of Smoking: The Regulation of TRAP Expression in Lung Tissue. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Wonink, Anneloes (2023) Good Pharmacy Practice for antibiotics in community pharmacies: a Delphi study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

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