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Bleeker, Nicole (2024) Predictive Mid-Pregnancy Biomarkers for Childhood Respiratory Risks: Wheeze, Bronchiolitis, and Hospital Admissions. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Bosch, Eline (2024) The effect of sex, age, and menopause on antidepressant and mood stabiliser pharmacokinetics. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Brinkman, Mirjam (2024) Y-site Compatibility of Clinically Used Combinations of Intravenous Anti-TB Drugs // Parameters that Effect the Free Fraction of Linezolid, Comparison with Flucloxacillin. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Cappelle, Loes van (2024) Unraveling the mechanism behind the effect of L-leucine in a co-jet-milled DPI formulation on dispersion and emission. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Cate, V.D. ten (2024) The role of Ferroptosis in alpha-amanitin induced Hematopoietic cell death. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Dael, Nina (2024) Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines: a meta-analysis and test-negative case-control study. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Eijsden, Carmen van (2024) The effect of the annual medication consultation on adherence and patients' beliefs about medication among patients with chronic medication use. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Elferink, Robin (2024) Unraveling the therapeutic application of the lung fibroblast secretome to stimulate alveolar epithelial regeneration in COPD. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Groenewold, Danique (2024) The effect of maternal ADHD on the development of the children in their first four years compared to children with mothers without ADHD. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Hadzihasanovic, Aida (2024) Development and Validation of an Ex Vivo Human Placenta Perfusion Model. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Heddema, Wietske (2024) Identification of metoprolol metabolites in potential living kidney donors and renal transplant recipients. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Huitema, Vera (2024) Radiolabeling and preclinical testing of a 89Zr-MSLNxCLDN18.2 dual BiTE(r) molecule. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Hulsbeek, Maud (2024) The Impact of Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) Exposure on Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition in an Air-Liquid Interface Model. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Kamstra, Stefan (2024) Heterologous expression of a fungal type III polyketide synthase biosynthetic gene cluster in baker’s yeast. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Kleefman, Kimberly (2024) The influence of silibinin and benzylpenicillin on mRNA expression of c-MYC and MDM-2 in human precision cut liver slices exposed to alpha-amanitin. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Kocak, Okan (2024) Cost-effectiveness of Real Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring (rtCGM) vs Flash Glucose Monitoring (FGM) in patients with type 1 diabetes in the Netherlands. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Koeling, Wouter (2024) The pharmacokinetics of milrinone in critically ill patients at the ICU and the influence of the kidney function. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Koeveringe, M. F. van (2024) Mitochondrial calcium imaging in neurons in the context of ferroptosis using mt-fura-2. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Kooy, Kimberly (2024) Monitoring human blood-derived medicinal products in Europe, a challenge for vigilance. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Leij, R.A. van der (2024) The signaling pathways of lipopolysaccharides and monophosphoryl lipid A in M1 and M2 macrophages. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Lier, Samira (2024) Predicting the pharmacokinetics of Ivacaftor, Tezacaftor, and Elexacaftor (Kaftrio®) using a physiologically based pharmacokinetic model: insights in adults with liver cirrhosis and children with and without liver cirrhosis. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Martens, Lars (2024) The temporal dynamics of SUC2 gene expression. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Melis, Joren (2024) Trends in anti-epileptic drug use in children between 2013 – 2022 in The Netherlands. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Mulder, Noa (2024) In living color: a characterization of human airway epithelial organoids. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Naim, Mario (2024) Trends in Psychostimulant Drug Use in Dutch Pediatric and Adolescent Populations: A Retrospective Database Study (2012- 2022). Research Project, Pharmacy.

Nazar, Messia (2024) The effect of N-acetylcysteine (NAC) on the International Normalized Ratio (INR) in paracetamol poisoned patients. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Poortvliet, Jeroen (2024) The Effect of Abiraterone on the Metabolism of Oxycodone: Complications Encountered and Solutions Given. Research Project, Pharmacy.



Rasekh, Daniel (2024) Cell culture in sex-specific environments. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Remmers, Katie (2024) The potential of human pulmonary microvascular endothelial cell derived factors in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: Can they induce regenerative effects and function as a novel target for lung repair? Research Project, Pharmacy.

Rijn, Emma van (2024) The association of whole blood tacrolimus and the Torque teno virus (TTV) compared to the association of plasma tacrolimus and TTV. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Scholten, Noah (2024) Menopausal women's needs for and opinions on primary healthcare - a mixed-method study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Spijkerboer, René (2024) Development of an LC-MS Assay to Measure Sphingolipids; Screening for Sphingolipidoses and Biomarker Discovery for Parkinson’s Disease. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Spruijtenburg, Morgan Lynn (2024) Evaluation of regional agreements on pain medication to reduce opioid dependence in Twente: baseline measurement and initial economic effects for the pharmacy. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Stavast, Mirthe (2024) Development of a population pharmacokinetic model for adalimumab in pregnant women with inflammatory bowel disease. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Tol, Loes Rosan van (2024) An observational retrospective descriptive study of the pharmacovigilance of direct-acting oral anticoagulants in the Deventer Hospital: the GORILLA study. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Trat, Kim (2024) Statin use and the development of Parkinon's disease. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Ursidae, Melissa (2024) Safety profile of herbal products containing Crataegus spp.: A scoping review and ICSR database analysis. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Visser, Dylan (2024) Production of a pharmacokinetic & -dynamic model for oral administration of S-ketamine. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Volkerink, Ilse (2024) Population-based pharmacokinetic modelling of infliximab in pregnant women with inflammatory bowel disease. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Vreken, R.P. (2024) The application of the Observer scheme-12 and Option-5: measuring patient-centred communication and shared decision-making in video-recorded medication reviews after the CO-DEPRESCRIBE training. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Vries, Klaas de (2024) The effects of hibernation on mitochondrial function with a methodology. Research Project, Pharmacy.

van Bakel, Wies, W.E.M. (2024) Real-world metabolism of azathioprine in renal transplant recipients. Research Project, Pharmacy.

van Tholen, Lise (2024) Labbepalingen bij patiënten met een risico op het ontwikkelen van elektrolytstoornissen bij het gebruik van diuretica en RAS-remmers: De mate en wijze van implementatie van medicatieveiligheid aanbevelingen. Research Project, Pharmacy.


Wang, B.Q. (2024) Elucidating the interplay between Calcitonin Gene- Related Peptide (CGRP), mast cells and sensory neurons in the context of asthma pathogenesis. Research Project, Pharmacy.

Wever, Susannah (2024) Retrospectieve inventarisatie van de prevalentie van interventies met betrekking tot de behandeling met psychofarmaca in patiënten die een bariatrische ingreep hebben ondergaan. Research Project, Pharmacy.

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