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Albers, C. (1998) Estimating bivariate distributions assuming some form of dependence. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Arends, N. (1998) Habitat use of Brent Geese on Ameland: habitat switching from the polder to the saltmarsh. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Aten, R.M. and Noord, A. (1998) Geometric simplification algorithms for surfaces. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Attema, S. (1998) Het habitatgebruik van de rotgans Branta Bernicla op de kwelders van Schiermonnikoog in relatie tot biomassa en dood materiaal. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bakker, N.V.J. de (1998) Primary production in estuaries. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Beekhuis, R.L.J. (1998) Comparative performance evaluation of CORBA and DCOM. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Benjamins, S. (1998) A new experimental setup for UV-exposure experiments on phytoplankton. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bos, B.S. (1998) Numerical simulation of channel flow with separated flow regions. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Bos, D. (1998) 'Spoor 12' zeggingskracht van monitoringgegevens. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bos, O. (1998) Biodiverstité du macrobenthos d'une baie sous influence anthropique (Nouméa, Nouvelle-Calédonie). Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bouma, A. (1998) Two-dimensional simulation of an anti roll tank. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Brocken, F. (1998) A sea scallop (Placopecten magellanicus) population study on the effects of a fishery closure in Lunenburg county N.S., Canada. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bron, J. and Zijlstra, R.M. (1998) The Gated experts network and time series prediction. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Bron, J. and Zijlstra, R.M. (1998) The Gated experts network and time series prediction. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Burniston, E. (1998) Charles Sturm, Joseph Liouville, and their theory: Through the prism of Louiville's 1837 Paper 'Solution Nouvelle d'un problème d'analyse. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Buursema, R.W. (1998) The combined moment and interpolation problem. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Degro, H.N. (1998) Habitatwahl von überwinternden und migrierenden Weisswangengänsen Branta leucopsis (Bechstein) auf Schiermonnikoog, Niederlande. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dormann, C.F. (1998) The impact of competition and herbivory along a productivity gradient : an experimental approach with four salt-marsh plants. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Drent, J.M. (1998) Numerical simulation of a turbulent jet. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Elzinga, J. (1998) Kan in een kalkrijke natte duinvallei de vegetatiesuccessie worden geremd door een microbiële mat? Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Elzinga, J. (1998) Maakt maaien mooier? : Vegetatie-ontwikkeling gedurende 25 jaar in uit produktie genomen grasland onder verschillende beheersmaatregelen. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Etman, E. (1998) De territorialiteit van de bever (Castor fiber) in de Gelderse Poort bepaald aan de hand van geurmarkeringen. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Fekken, G. (1998) Numerical Simulation of Green Water Loading on the Foredeck of a Ship. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Gros, E. (1998) Variation in intake rate of Brent geese, Branta bernicla, depending on plant biomass and quality of the vegetation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Hansler, B. (1998) Ontgronden. een middel bij natuurontwikkeling? Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Heiden, G. van der (1998) Computing the 2-descent over Q for curves of genus 2. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Hendriks, I. (1998) A comparison of vertical distribution patterns and sampling methods for late stage reef fish larvae in the San Blas Islands, Caribbean Panama. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Hoffmann, F. (1998) Impacts of above- and below-ground herbivory along a successional gradient. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Hofste, A. (1998) Numerical simulation of a two-dimensional dip in an oilsump. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Hofstede, R. ter (1998) Feeding ecology of the angelfish species Pomacanthus asfur and Pomacanthus maculosus. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Hofstede, R. ter (1998) "Riddle me this... Riddle me that..." Het voedingsmechanisme van Echinocardium cordatum. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Kock, R.W. (1998) Routes to chaos in the periodically driven Lorenz-84 system. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Kok, J.K. (1998) Novelty detection for neural pattern classification. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Korsten, P. (1998) Testosterone, sexual ornamentation and immune function in the Black-headed Gull Larus ridibundus. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Kronemijer, E.R. (1998) Triangulation of implicit surfaces. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Kuijper, D. (1998) Diet and dispersal of Barnacle geese on Spitsbergen: the advantage of being first. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Kuik, R. (1998) A class of singular linear partial differential equations. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Leur, J.K. van de (1998) Validation of hybrid multimedia binding objects. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Lijzenga, S. (1998) Diversiteit van kweldervegetatie bij verschillende veedichtheden. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Loots.E. (1998) Free Surface Flow in 3D Complex Geometries using Enhanced Boundary Treatment. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Marijnissen, S.A.E. (1998) Size selective predation on the bivalve Macoma balthica by juvenile epibenthos. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Martins, R. (1998) Repair of UV-B induced DNA damage at different temperatures in the red algae Palmaria Palmata (Linnaeus). Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Nes, S. van (1998) Why different morphs of Littorina fabalis prefer different microhabitats. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Oldeman, B. (1998) Analysis of resonances in the three body problem using planar reduction. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Oldengarm, P. (1998) Program visualisation in an open distributed environment. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Quispel, L. (1998) Visual Context Classification for an Autonomous Robot. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Rouveroy van Nieuwaal, S. van (1998) Vegetation changes under influence of management and weather in the Taarlo brook area. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Schraal, W.H. (1998) Matching of images by maximization of mutual information. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Siepel, A. (1998) The impact of goose foraging on Spartina anglica: Plant performance under field- and laboratory conditions. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Spakman, E. (1998) State of the art search services. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Stoutjesdijk, M. (1998) Competition and coexistence between seven grassland plant species: The effect of spatial soil nutrient heterogeneity. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Timmer, M. (1998) Testing the habitat choice of captive brent geese, branta bernicla, on manipulated vegetation characteristics in an experimental set-up. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Tjallingii, F.J. (1998) The relation between toxin production of Fibrocapsa japonica (Raphidophyceae) and available nitrate and phosphate. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Tonk, L. (1998) Zooxanthellae diversity in the coral genus Madracis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Visser, P. (1998) Oestrogenen en de Volksgezondheid. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Wienke, N. (1998) Respons van Plantago maritima op NaCI bij optimale en gelimiteerde stikstofvoorziening. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Wilmering, M. (1998) De Koegelwieck op Terschelling: vegetatie-ontwikkeling in verschillende plagproeven. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

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