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Aa, J.H.M. van der (2011) Schizophrenia; a neurotransmitter model. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Adema, M.M. (2011) Genes regulating autophagy in Chron's disease. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Agema, M.S. (2011) Het paracriene effect van Adipose Derived Stem Cells in de wondheling reactie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Aken, C. van (2011) Post Combustion Capture of Carbon Dioxide: Overture to the Full Understanding of Liquid Phase Speciation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Ali, A. (2011) Een biomechanische analyse voor het behandelen van een mandibula fractuur, in het bijzonder voor de edentate en atrofische mandibula. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Alkano, D. (2011) Using model order reduction techniques for fault detection system in METIS Cold Chopper. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Alsaad, N. (2011) Research report 1: The effect of transporter inhibitors on metabolism in intestinal S9 of human and rat. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Altenburg, P. (2011) Content-Based Refinement of Keyword-Based Image Retrieval. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Ammerlaan, B.B.P. (2011) De energie-efficiëntie van de LQR en de PID-regelaar geoptimaliseerd naar prestatie indices. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Anema, A.S.I. (2011) Branched covering spaces of an elliptic curve that branch only above a single point. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Apperloo, R (2011) Cospeciation: the case of Plant- Herbivore interactions. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Arbeider, J.H. (2011) Improving the sensitivity of a new multi-photomultiplier optical module for the KM3NeT detector. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Ausems, A.N.M.A (2011) How to prove interspecific competition. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Baars, S. (2011) Performance analysis of the CORS and BiCOR iterative methods for solving nonsymmetric sparse linear systems. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Bakker, B. (2011) The oxidative stress mechanisms of Streptococcus pneumoniae. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bearda, M.G. (2011) Combining distance measures in Learning Vector Quantization. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Bearda, M.G. (2011) Simulations of the Zeeman slower for the AlCatraz experiment. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Beekhuizen, SK van (2011) Sex determination in light of the current climate change. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Begue, E. (2011) Evaluating Fiber Tract Bundling. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Beks, R. B. (2011) Regulatie Van ICOS Bij De Ontwikkeling Van Systemische Auto-immuunziekten. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Berendsen, A.W.G. (2011) Human induced pluripotent stem cell based cell assays; an improvement in disease modeling and toxicity testing? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Berendsen, R.W. (2011) Movie reviews: do words add up to a sentiment? Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Berg, C. van den (2011) Oplosbaarheid van zouten. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Berger, G (2011) The Role of CtIP in Breast Cancer Development and Treatment - an overview. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Beus, V.R. de (2011) Improving Energy Efficiency of Chlor-Alkali Electrolysis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bie, A.M. van der (2011) Solving the Quadratic Assignment Problem with BOA. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Bijl, G.H. (2011) The effect of environmental factors on spontaneous agr mutations in S. aureus & Characteristics of 500 S. aureus clinical isolates. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bijl, W. van der (2011) Asymmetries in Visual Perception - A Comical Perspective. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bijlsma, K.T. (2011) Inhibition of regulatory T cell proliferation by cAMP: a role for Epac1. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Blaak, R.W. van de (2011) Breathing Underwater - Differences in oxygen dynamics between freshwater aquatic- and marine angiosperms. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Blanken, F.M. den (2011) Green gas hubs: the future of biogas. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bleijendaal, R.W.M (2011) Diabetes en Infecties. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boeije, F. (2011) Herontwerp van een contactlens. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Boer, A.L. de (2011) Synthesis of HydroxyMethylFurfural from Lignocellulosic Biomass in Ionic Liquids; A Conceptual Process Design. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Boer, B. de (2011) Nutlin-3 as targeting drug. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boer, J.W. de (2011) Research Report 1: Identifying modifiers of polyglutamine aggregation in human cells. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, P. de (2011) The activation of the NLRP3 and NLRP1 inflammasomes provide a new insight in the progression of Alzhemeimer's disease. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boersma, P.M. (2011) Response to large marine oil spills – Exploring the causes of ineffective response and a contribution to the design of an intelligent multi-robot recovery system. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bokern, K.A. (2011) The cerebrovascular myogenic response: Defects of the myogenic response in cerebrovascular disease and therapeutic modulation of the myogenic tone. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bosch, C.T. (2011) Production of Phenol (CAS: 108-95-2)by pyrolysis of Lignin (CAS:9005-53-2). Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Bosch, T.F.H. van den (2011) The use of monoclonal antibodies in near-infrared fluorescence (NIRF) tumour targeted (intraoperative) imaging. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boschker, R. (2011) The distribution of reflexive objects in German. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Bots, D.A.B. (2011) Herontwerp gloeioven. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bouma, J.S. (2011) Focused set-up time reduction in discrete parts manufacturing. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bouma, S. and Buck, W.E.S.M. and Moelker, R.R. (2011) Vector-attribute character recognition. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Broekroelofs, M.H.H. (2011) UHECR acceleration in a magnetar wind using the concept of Plasma Wakefield Acceleration. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Broers, E (2011) Een eerste stap in de automatische evaluatie van soundscapes gebaseerd op binnenopnames. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Bron, R (2011) In vitro study about the Role of Polycomb group proteins, CBX2 and CBX4 in Hematopoietic Stem Cell Regulation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bruggink, S. and Meijer, S.E. (2011) Process Design for the Production of Vanillin by Oxidation of Black Liquor Lignin Integrated in a Kraft Mill. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Bruintjes, J.J. (2011) Lung cancer screening : an overview. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Burgering, O. (2011) Sludge handling cost reduction. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bus, P. (2011) Ontogeny Of The Daily Clock In Mammals. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Busschers, E. (2011) Dysfunction of the native immune system following influenza infection causes increased susceptibility to bacterial pneumonia. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Buter, J. (2011) Catalytic Asymmetric Total Synthesis of the Trichogramma turkestanica Putative Sex Pheromone. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Caumanns JJ (2011) Defining characteristics of Epithelial Ovarian Clear-Cell Cancer and targets for therapy. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Chacon, J. D. (2011) Visual-Topological Mapping: An approach for indoor robot navigation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Chesnaye, M.A and Burghardt, M. R. and Valkenier, B. Supervisor (2011) Speech re-synthesis with harmonic frequencies for increasing noise robustness in ASR systems. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Dalenberg, J.R. (2011) Spaced learning: An Eye Opener. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Dam, T. van (2011) Left-handedness and Disease. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Datema, L.S. (2011) Genetic implications of escaped farmed-salmon on wild populations. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Datema, P.P. (2011) Designing a small scale bioethanol unit. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Dekens, D.W. (2011) The possible role of epigenetics in the development of Alzheimer’s disease - Balance between production and clearance of amyloid-β. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dekens, W.G. (2011) A4 family symmetry. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Dekker, J.B. (2011) Characterizing the 0.7 anomaly in Quantum Point Contacts. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Delger, N.M. (2011) Het ontwerpen van een bietenrooisysteem, met een verminderde bodemverdichting. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Demandt, N (2011) Japanese oyster and Blue mussel. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Diggelen F. van (2011) Alzheimer’s disease and age-dependent impair of microglia. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dijk, N. van (2011) Meronym Extraction from a Biomedical Corpus: A Method for General Corpora Adopted for Biomedical Texts. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Dijkstra, B.K. (2011) Development of a predictive model for the moisture content in a paper mill. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Doesburg, T. (2011) Mobile Monitoring in Anaesthesia using Smartphones. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Dokter, J.L. (2011) Controlling Circulant Paley Graphs. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Dommerholt, M.B. (2011) The effects of cigarette smoke on nicotinic acetylcholine receptors. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Donk, S.C. van (2011) Does size matter? Relationship between height and dominance in humans. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dooper, J. (2011) Fundamental Polygons for Coverings of the Double-Torus. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Drenthen, A. (2011) The influence of task properties on multitasking : A study of task difficulty an task speed. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Duisterwinkel, H.A. (2011) Design, development and validation of a Compton Spectrometer. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Eising, D. (2011) Alternative Discharge Systems for the Concentrated Mineral Stream at Domo Beilen. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Ekkers, D.M. (2011) The great screen anomaly, the new frontier in functional metagenomics. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Elema, M.J.H. (2011) Hereditary immunity in bacteria: the CRISPR/Cas system. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Elzinga, L.F. (2011) Variation in effect of enlarged brood size on parental survival - A meta analysis. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Exterkate, M (2011) The TGFβ signaling pathway and its possibilities in lung cancer treatment. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Fieret, T. (2011) Do popular males always lose out in sperm competition? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Flonk, E.J. (2011) Autonome bietenrooier. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Galiën, T.D. van der (2011) Quorum quenching as a therapeutic strategy to combat bacterial infections. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Gardingen, D.P. van (2011) Ontwerpen van een coating, vormen en verpakkingslijn voor Pendracare. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Geer, JD van de (2011) Contrasting consequences of species removal from higher and lower trophic levels in marine ecosystems. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Generaal, L. (2011) Welke mesenchymale stamcellen zijn het meest geschikt voor therapie, stamcellen uit vetweefsel of stamcellen uit het beenmerg? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Ginkel, H.A.L. van (2011) Sexual and age-class segregation in ungulates. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Goedegebure, C.P.M. (2011) Op weg naar wereldwijde eliminatie van het mazelenvirus. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Goot, E. van der (2011) Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass - Een medicijn voor type 2 Diabetes Mellitus? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Gorter, J.A. (2011) Kin Recognition: from microbes to humans. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Goumans I.C. and Kamphuis, A. (2011) Biopulpen: Enzymatische degradatie van lignine. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Graver, J.C. (2011) De rol van dendritische cellen en de productie van type I interferon tijdens dengue infectie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Grit, C. (2011) Neuro-inflammatie in schizofrenie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Groenewoud, F. (2011) Promiscuity and the evolution of cooperative behavior: subordinate provisioning effort as a proximate explanation for improved reproductive success. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Grond, J. (2011) On the origin and maintenance of variation of the Major Histocompatibility Complex. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Groot, H.T. de (2011) iNewsReader: A Personal Netnews recommender. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Groot, Richard de (2011) Maximum-Likelihood estimation of the Lee-Carter model. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Grooten, F. (2011) Development of a design method for domain specific simulation objects; `exploring healthcare`. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Grootjans, J.N. (2011) Egg, light: Lateralization! Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Haan, R.J. de (2011) Invasive Species and Plasticity. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hagting, G. (2011) Nitric acid production. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Halberstadt, B. (2011) The physiological and social hypotheses concerning the yawn-reflex. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hammann, M.J.A. (2011) De Therapeutische Toepassing van ‘Adipose-Derived Stem Cells’ na een Acuut Myocard Infarct. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Harten, M.R. van (2011) Trophic cascades: Top-down control determines. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hartog, E.A. de (2011) The State Instability Hypothesis: A Stable Hypothesis? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Heek, J.J. van (2011) New possible therapeutic targets for AD based on altered microglial gene expression in aged humans. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Heijden, L. van der (2011) The memristor used for control purposes. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Heijkens, J. (2011) Billing. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Heijnen, J.G.I. (2011) Modelordereductie van tijdsafhankelijke PDVs via eliminatie. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Heijnen, J.G.I. (2011) Synthesis of a ligand for Iridium-catalyzed reductive amination. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Helminck, P.A. (2011) Tropical Elliptic Curves and J-invariants. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Herman, R. (2011) Beyond Complex Numbers. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Hickendorff, S.R. (2011) Enhanced human-robot interaction by reason-based behavior adaptation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Hielema, M.C.J. (2011) An investigation of treatment for (110) DYScO3 as a substrate for thin film perovskites. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Ho, H.D. (2011) Synthesis of an IR dye. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Hobma, S.J. (2011) Mechanisms behind sequential evolution in phytophagous insects. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hoekendijk, J.P.A. (2011) The seasonal migration of whales: does capacity for energy storage explain the migration distance-body size relationship in rorquals (Balaenopteridae)? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hoekstra, M. (2011) Chip-firing en de kritieke groep op een graaf. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Hoetz, C.W.A (2011) The latitudinal gradient in species richness: A comparative study. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hofstra, W. (2011) Atomic Force Microscopy: Topology and piezoresponse studies of strontium titanate and lead titanate. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Hoof, H.C. van (2011) Interaction between Face Detection and Learning Tracking Systems for Autonomous Robots. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Hoogeboom, D.C. (2011) An Empirical Investigation in Lean Warehousing: Order Picking. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Hoving, M.N. (2011) Het Programmeren van een planningstool. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Huckriede, B. F. (2011) The effects of myocardial infarction induced inflammation on blood-brain barrier dynamics and subsequent consequences for the pathology of depression. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Huijskens, S.C. (2011) Mogelijkheden van elastografie voor het kwantificeren van leverfibrose. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Huiskes, M.M.B. (2011) Design of new sustainable plastic materials. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Huizenga, A.J. (2011) Oxidation of alcohols with H2O2 catalysed by manganese-N,N’,N’’-trimethyl-1,4,7-triazacyclononane. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

IJbema, M. (2011) Mutual Exclusion Using Weak Semaphores. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Jansen, M. (2011) Protein engineering of phenylalanine aminomutase and phenylalanine ammonia lyase. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Jansen, S. (2011) SET learning - A study of top-down learning in a bottom-up perceptual task. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Janssen, T.R. (2011) The Effects on Behaviour and Efficiency by Varying Multitasking Conditions. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Jasper Smit (2011) Road Sign Recognition Using The Binary Partition Tree. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Jentsch, M.C. and Thioux, M. and Horst, G.J. ter (2011) Essay: Genetics and epigenetic underpinning of autism spectrum disorders. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Jong, D. de (2011) Effecten van gebonden waterclusters op bestraling van biomoleculen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jong, E. de (2011) Research report 1: An optimized purification method to obtain pure and active M2 channels serving the development of antiviral drugs. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Jong, I.E. de (2011) Research Report 1: The effects of BroccoCress on hyperglycemia-induced inflammation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Jong, M.E. de (2011) Groeiende ganzenaantallen: is er een probleem? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jong, S. de (2011) Aggregation phenomena of an amphiphilic motor. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Jong, S. de (2011) Synthesis of a new liquid crystal dopant. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Jong, T.L. de (2011) Postoperatieve Capsulaire Opacificatie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jongsma, H.J. (2011) Controllability of Switched Linear Systems. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Jonker, B.J. (2011) Shared Mental Modal Approach for Collaboration. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Jonker, C.J. (2011) Towards using Echo State Neural Networks to classify Phonemes from Formant Frequencies. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Jorna, L.M. (2011) The influence of neurogenesis in hippocampal function. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jorritsma, P.H.M. (2011) Incremental Region Enhanced Neural Q-learning for Solving Model-based POMDPs. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Kaastra, S. (2011) Simulating Turbulent Flows. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Kaiser, R. (2011) ORM-based dynamic billing. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Kalsbeek, T. (2011) Does body stiffness limit escape behaviour? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kampenhout, L. van (2011) Simulation of wallbounded turbulent channel flow in the PETSc toolkit. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Kamphuis, A.J. (2011) Biopulping: Enzymatische degradatie van lignine. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Kangur, A.M.A. (2011) Het categoriseren van geluidsomgevingen aan de hand van de gemoedstoestanden die worden opgeroepen. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Kanters, D.J. (2011) Drag Reduction By Means of Riblet Structures. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Kattouw, R. J. (2011) Morphological attribute filtering and visualization with 3-D alpha-partition trees. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Kavelaars, M.M. (2011) Reintroduction of large predators in nature areas. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kerkhof, T. van de (2011) The conwip/fifo/takt ppc scan. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Keulen, G. (2011) Haalbaarheidsonderzoek naar een Acute Opname Afdeling binnen het MCL. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Kiers, S.W. (2011) Towards NMR-based identification of oxygen diffusion pathways in Alditol Oxidase. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Kiewiet, M.B.G. (2011) Klinische relevantie HLA-antilichaamdetectie met behulp van Luminex bij niertransplantatie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kinderen, J.N.L.M. der and Verkerke, J.G. and Woude, L.H.V. van der (2011) De optimale armbeweging voor rolstoelaandrijving. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Klandermans, P.S. (2011) Hot electron attenuation length of NiSi2 on n-Si(111). Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Klij, M.H.W. van der (2011) Cetacean Intelligence : what do we know? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Knot, I.E. (2011) Efficient sleep: Can we cope with short(er) sleep? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Knuijver, S.P. (2011) De 15 Puzzel in het kwantumrekenen. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Koerts.F.J (2011) Elimination based hybrid methods for solving time-dependent PDEs. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Kofman V. (2011) Cobalt-amine complexes as potential water oxidation catalysts. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Koopmans, M.S. (2011) Falling in love: is oxytocin the magic spark? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Koster, M. (2011) Reliable Multi-agent System for a large scale distributed energy trading network. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Kroeze, D.S. (2011) Dynamisch Onderhoud - De Combat Vehicle 90. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Kroon, P.C. (2011) Lewis Base Catalysis - an Application in the Diels-Alder Reaction. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Kuijpers, J. (2011) Influence of differently shaped behavioral zones on the shape and structure of fish schools. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Kuiper, E.F.E. (2011) cAMP signalling: the role of PKA, Epac and AKAPs in Alzheimer’s disease. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kuiper, J (2011) Explicit memory as a framework for the neural correlate of consciousness. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Laat, D. de (2011) Approximating Manifolds by Meshes: Asymptotic Bounds in Higher Codimension. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Lam, J.W. het (2011) De bruikbaarheid van huidige hechtmethoden als toepassing in handpeesherstel. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Langerak, J. (2011) Fast Thermosetting Wood Adhesive Emulsions from Linear Alternating Polyketones. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Lazovik E. (2011) Concurrent execution of automatically generated plans in Smart Homes. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Leemburg, B. (2011) A declarative meta modeling approach to define process migration constraints. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Leemhuis, K. (2011) Restoration of knee kinematics when reconstructing the anterior cruciate ligament. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Leenknegt, B (2011) Which came first: the red ornaments or the high carotenoid levels? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Lente, Tom van and Negretti, Marco and Croce, Roberto (2011) Analysing specific carotenoid binding sites in LHCII. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Lentferink, D.H. (2011) The Aging Brain. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Linden, R. van der (2011) Development of a tool for Soundscape Annotation - What do we hear when we listen? Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Lingen, K.J.I. van der (2011) Decreasing imbalance with an mCHP-supported smart grid. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Lintermans, L.L. and Kowalski, P.S. and Molema, G. (2011) Research Report 1 : When SAINT-O-Somes Go Marching In Targeted delivery and intracellular trafficking of SAINT-OSOMES containing siRNA in activated endothelial cells. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Lip, S.V. (2011) Quorum sensing inhibitie van Pseudomonas aeruginosa als ontstekingsremmer tegen brandwond infecties. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Lodder, J.L. (2011) Kan heup-resurfacing-artroplastiek verbeterd worden? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Lof, G.J.J. (2011) Gaschromatografische bodemfluxanalyse voor CO2, CH4, CO, N2O en SF6. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Looijengoed, W.J.M. van (2011) The ecological role of Salpa thompsoni in the marine Antarctic ecosystem with reference to Antarctic krill. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Looijmans, D (2011) De invloed van omgevingsfactoren in type 1 diabetes. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Loosdrecht, M.S. van de (2011) Tracing the Geographical Origins of Human Genetic Diversity - A Possible Phylogeographic Scenario. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Lucassen, R.W.G. (2011) Energy and basal metabolism, on the study of energetics. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Lueks, W. (2011) Self-blindable credentials with revocation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Lueks, W. (2011) Self-blindable credentials with revocation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

M. Zijlstra (2011) Amorphous Thermoplastic Starch Films via Solution Spray Drying. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Mahdavi Hezavehi, S (2011) Variability in quality attributes of service-based software systems: A systematic literature review. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Manshanden, K. (2011) Towards Magnetic Control of Organic Molecules on a Graphite Surface. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Maris, G.C.j (2011) Selenium: een nutriënt met twee gezichten. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Mastrigt, A.E. van (2011) The Impact of the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill on the Recovery of Benthic Invertebrates. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Mathew, C. (2011) Coronary Artery Segmentation from Non-Contrast Cardiac CT for the purpose of Calcium Scoring. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Meekels, L.K.M. (2011) Diversity and Synthetic applications of subtilases. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Meelker, M. (2011) Mechanical dewatering of sewage sludge using particle aided filtration at water board Noorderzijlvest. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Meer, S. van der (2011) Spare parts management : improving inventory levels of spare wheelsets in the repairable supply chain of NedTrain. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Meereboer, N.L. (2011) Synthesis of Oxygen Producing Microparticles based on amylose esters. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Meiburg, Y. (2011) Dense-Field Skeleton-Based Image Representations. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Meijer, N (2011) Tijd-plaats associatie & potentiële tijdssignalen voor de hippocampus. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Meirmans, K.F.M. (2011) De taakverdeling tussen man en vrouw onderzocht door het aanbrengen van een handicap. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Mendels, J.D. (2011) Modeling and linear control for a humanoid robot arm manipulator. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Meulen, M. van der (2011) Research Report 1 : The effect of olanzapine on gastrointestinal glucose transport. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Mevius, L. and Polgar, L. (2011) Zwavelzuurproductie in een verbrandingsmotor. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Minkes, S. (2011) Optimalisatie van het beladingsproces bij een verzinkerij met behulp van de SMED-methode. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Mossel, D.M. (2011) Biomaterials' influence on the bacteria killing ability of macrophages. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Mulder, J.J.A.A. (2011) Biofilms behandelen met een elektromagnetisch veld -Een literatuuronderzoek naar het effect van elektromagnetisme op een biofilm. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Mulder, M. (2011) Improving Online Image Queries with Computer Vision. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Mulder, S.T. (2011) De rol van slaap bij het functioneren van geheugen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Muller, W.M.L. (2011) Application of the ELSP to the tobacco industry. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

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