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Aardema, H.M. (2012) Self-organized spatial patterns on intertidal mudflats: Do they affect ecosystem functioning? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Adema, M.M. and Graver, J.C. (2012) Research Report 1 : Olanzapine in roman rats. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Akker, H. van den (2012) Using experimental models to study the aging human brain: Caloric restriction & the Ercc1 mutant mouse model. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Allema, A.A.M. (2012) De das: Van dagactief roofdier naar nachtactieve wormeneter? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Alsaad N (2012) Research report 2 : Evaluation of Co-trimoxazole in treatment of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Alsaad. N. (2012) Essay: Potential antimicrobial agents for the treatment of MDR-TB. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Alves, E.S. (2012) Tail-flip induction methods; A comparison of methods for optimal results. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Apperloo, R. (2012) Research report 1: The influence of environmental obstructions of the feeding grounds on foraging behavior of three-spined sticklebacks (Gasterosteus aculeatus L). Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Arentz, J. (2012) Nanoscale palladium-on-gold catalysis for glycerol oxidation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Arkel, J. van and Lo-Ten-Foe, J. (2012) A review on Diagnostic practices for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Arnoldus, C. (2012) Fast and Robust Extraction of Curve Skeletons from Voxel Models. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Asselt, E.M. van (2012) Attentional Blink: processing deficit or adaptive biological mechanism? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.


Baak, N.A. (2012) Immunologische veranderingen bij preeclampsie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Baggelaar, M.P. (2012) A total synthesis of (s)-(-)-Zearalenone. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Bak, J.M. (2012) Coalitional Games for Coordinated Construction Logistics: A Case Study. Research Project, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bakker, B (2012) Research report 1: Characterising the molecular regulation of CITED2 - Investigating the potential regulatory roles of PU.1, STAT5 and FOXO3a. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bakker, J (2012) The effects of supplementation of vitamin E on immune senescence. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bakker, N. (2012) Research Report 2 : Possibilities and impossibilities of DREADDs and optogenetics in behavioral research. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bakker, N. (2012) Research report 1 : Shiftwork and Food Consumption. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Beek, T.M. van der (2012) String Theory & Generalized Geometry. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Begemann, E. J. (2012) Electronic transport in Au on Nb:STO. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Bekker, H (2012) Ion transport in a radium ion spectroscopy experiment. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Beld, C. van de (2012) The relation between flocking patterns of birds and predation strategies. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Berends, C.J. (2012) Oorzaken van gemeten variaties in de Ar-concentratie van luchtmonsters uit Lutjewad en hun potentie als correctie voor de O2-concentratiemetingen. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Berg, C. van den (2012) The use of resin for removing Chromium from wastewater. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Berg, T. E. van den (2012) Current status and future potential of Botryococcus Braunii as model organism for biodiesel production. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bergen, M.L.A.M. van (2012) Improvement of the cooling water system performance at Teijin Aramid. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Berghuis, M (2012) Environmental parameters on the carbon balance of the Wadden Sea salt marshes at Lutjewad from May to June. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Bergmans, M.J.J. (2012) Preventing Medication Errors on a Paediatric Intensive Care Unit. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Bielleman S. (2012) Calabi-Yau manifolds in weighted projective space. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Bijl, G.H. (2012) Ketenaanpak in de problematiek rondom geneesmiddelen in de verschillende watercompartimenten. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bijlsma, J.A. (2012) Characterizing copper nanoparticle DC sputtering with oxygen interference. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Birker, M. (2012) Trophic Interactions in Marine Ecosystems: The Role of DMSP. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Blankestijn, M (2012) Regulatie van de voedselinname en het ontstaan van hyperfagie tijdens de zwangerschap. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Blankwater, B (2012) Aging and Human-Computer Interaction Design, Towards a Usable Email System for Older People with Low Vision. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Blijleven, J.S. (2012) Design and Optimisation of a Lens System for the Transport and Separation of Slow Molecules. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Blok, S. (2012) Organic Compound Dependence on Magnetic Response of Nickel-Chlorine Based Hybrids. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Boer, A. de (2012) Research Report 1: 'Broken heart'-specific brain areas. Differences in brain activity, as measured with fMRI, between romantic relationship breakups and depression. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, A. de and Horst, G.J. Ter and Lorist, M.M. (2012) Essay: Physiological and non-physiological age-related changes associated with reduced food intake in older persons. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, A.M. den (2012) Phosphorus; elusive but essential. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boer, G.A. (2012) Effects of Amino Acids on Cellular Metabolism. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boer, J.H. de (2012) The link between inflammation and dopaminergic dysfunction in schizophrenia. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boer, L. de (2012) Smart office user-defined rules control. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Boer, P (2012) Essay: MOAG-4 and SERF as general inducers of amyloid fibril formation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, P. de (2012) Research Report 1 : Grey matter astrocytes allow more prominent oligodendrocyte maturation as compared to astrocytes derived from white matter. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boerma, A.E. (2012) Evaluating the fields of periodic dislocation distributions using the Fourier transform. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Boerrigter, M.M. (2012) Reactieve zuurstofverbindingen, elektron transport keten en veroudering. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boers, M.C. (2012) Sexual dimorphism in birds: Natural selection vs. Sexual selection. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bokkes, I. (2012) Fracture prevention for elderly. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bol, M.E. (2012) Force and position control of the Philips Experimental Robot Arm in an energy based setting. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Bom, L.A.M. (2012) Using reinforcement learning with relative input to train Ms. Pac-Man. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Bommel, P.E. van (2012) Research Report 1 : The interaction between CpG-DNA and CD35. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Borghols, H.B.A. (2012) Soundscape evaluation in outdoor urban environments. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Bos, H van den (2012) Research Report 2 : Improving Transplantation Outcome: the Beneficial Effects of. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bosch, L.T. (2012) Effects of hypoxia on glioblastoma stem cells: implications for therapy. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bouwhuis, S.E. (2012) Synthesis of a thermally reversible thermosetting polymer, cyclopentadiene functionalization of polyketone. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Braam, C.A. and Hemelrijk, C.K. (2012) Predator induced waves in self-organized flocks of starlings. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Brandenburg, P.A. (2012) Water-soluble amphiphilics for Enhanced Oil Recovery. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Brands, S. (2012) Acarina hebben voornamelijk een negatief effect op de fitness van vogels. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bremer R. (2012) Optical Control of donor-bound electron and nuclear spins in n-doped semiconductors. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Breukelen, R. van (2012) Topological and nontopological solitons. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Brijan, J.W.A. (2012) Q tuning of silicon micro cantilevers through surface modification. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Brink, B.K. van den (2012) The Partially Sighted Older Computer User: Assessing the Ease of Use of Two Input Devices. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Brink, S (2012) Carbon Concentrating Mechanisms in marine algae- the solution to more efficient, CO2-saving photobioreactors. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Brinke, M.L. ten (2012) Het effect van FOS/GOS op de ontwikkeling van atopische dermatitis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Brinks, K. (2012) Relating ACT-R to EEG. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Broekema, R.V. and Lo Ten Foe, J.R. (2012) Molecular diagnostic techniques for Mycobacterium Tuberculosis. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Broeren, S.G.M. (2012) The Proton Sponge Hypothesis. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bron R (2012) High-throughput screening of mutants with aberrant peroxisome number: a pilot study. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bruggen, J.A.C. van (2012) Towards a Cross-Protective Influenza A Vaccine. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bruins, M.R. (2012) Designing a multi-agent collaborative control system to improve traffic flow. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Bultman, W.A. (2012) Stamcellen uit vetweefsel als potentiële therapie bij leverfalen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Burghardt, M.R. and Chesnaye, M.A. (2012) Extracting harmonic complexes as a method for reducing noise in automatic speech recognition. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Busschers E. and Eggen B.J.L. (2012) Essay: The role of sirtuins on the regulation of longevity. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Busschers E. and Joseph J.V. and Kruyt F.A.E. (2012) Research Report 1: The role of differentiation in the regulation of migration and invasion in glioblastoma. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.


Cado van der Lelij, J.A. (2012) Essay : Artificial vs. Natural Reefs. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Canrinus, T.R. (2012) Towards Azulene Substituted Switches. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Centen, M (2012) Rats do not show cognitive impairment after breast cancer treatment with tamoxifen and methotrexate. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Cerpentier, R.R.J. (2012) Wastewater treatment plant sludge ash characterization. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Chen, Z (2012) Supervised Feature Selection Based on Generalized Matrix Learning Vector Quantization. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Coster, R.P. (2012) Coating degradation on natural gas pipelines: a statisical study. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Cox, L.S. (2012) Research Report 1 : Absence of interleukin-10 results in reduced infiltration of FOXP3+ regulatory T-lymphocytes in a mouse model of renal fibrosis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.


D Seelen (2012) Transport of Ions in the Low Energy Beam Line. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Dam, M.R. (2012) Edwards Elliptic Curves. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Degener, F. (2012) Peroxisomal biogenesis disorders: A review about the molecular background, classification and recent developments. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dekker, A.D. (2012) Therapeutic antibodies targeting Staphylococcus aureus: A promising odyssey at the frontiers of knowledge. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dekker, S. L. (2012) The Role of Telomeres in Aging. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dessalegne, Y. I. (2012) Acyl-HSL signaling & Quorum Quenching: screening and design on a new frontier in antimicrobial action. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Deuzeman, M.J. (2012) A stable isotope research on a Pinus cembra log from the 8.2 ka event period. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Dieleman, J (2012) Pericyten reguleren de permeabiliteit van de Bloed-hersenbarrière. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dijck, E. A. (2012) Production and Polarization of Radioactive Rubidium for Testing Lorentz Invariance. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Dijk, B. van (2012) Implementation of heterogeneous catalysts and ethanol from fermented Cassava to a mobile biodiesel program. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Dijk, F. van (2012) Research Report 1: The synthesis and characterization of cadaverine(n)-HSA-mannose(x) for the treatment of asthma. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dijk, J.J. van (2012) Implementation of a quantum logic gate with one single laser-cooled trapped barium ion. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Dijk, R (2012) Is REM sleep behaviour disorder a preclinical predictor for the development of Parkinson’s disease? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dijkstra, I. (2012) Onderzoek naar probiotica met betrekking tot infectieziekten in het Citrobacter rodentium muismodel. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dijkstra, S. (2012) VSD controlled pump systems: the road to optimization of pump systems in industrial plants. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Disselhorst, L.J. (2012) Index Theory. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Doesburg, J.L.H. (2012) Communicating Conceptual Data Schemas in ESA Space System. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Dolstra, T.O. (2012) Cellular therapies for AAA. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dorman, H.S. (2012) Yield Loss Reduction at AkzoNobel Wapenveld. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Douma, C. A. (2012) Modelling the propagation of electromagnetic fields in proton beam radiotherapy. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Drent, I. and Assessors: and Wortel, P. and Nijsten, M.W.N. (2012) Analysis of potential advanced methods of intravenous administration of lactic acid. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Driessen, F.M.F. (2012) The effects of climate change on benthic communities in the Arctic Kongsfjordsystem, Svalbard. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Driest, P.J. (2012) Synthesis of IR antenna for upconverting nanoparticles in organic solar cells. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Driever, E.M. (2012) The protective effect of angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor blockers on radiation-related heart disease and radiation-related lung injury. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Drolenga, B.H.P. (2012) Organic single crystal growth for solar cell applications. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Drunen, J.J.E. van (2012) The meaning of fever rhythmicity and its relation to the timing of Plasmodium reproductive cycles during malaria infections. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dröge, B.E. (2012) A software interface for fully implicit flow simulations on block-structured grids. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.


Eekma, M (2012) Experiment with AFM in PeakForce QNM imaging mode. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Eerkens, M. (2012) Adjustment to an advancement of spring by migratory birds: four possible solutions. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Eising, S. (2012) Clickable lipids. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Ekkers, D (2012) Evolution experiments in B. subtilis: a directed black box evolution strategy. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Engelage, C.A. (2012) Research Report 1: Use of Precision Cut Rat Intestinal Slices to Study Repair of Intestinal Mucosa. Master's Thesis / Essay, Pharmacy.

Ensing, E. P. (2012) Welke factor is het belangrijkst voor de timing van reproductie bij zoogdieren; fotoperiode, temperatuur of voedselaanbod? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Es, C.R. van (2012) Higgs Inflation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Eschbach, P.F. (2012) Meniscus Injury - The Importance of Joint Lubrication and Current Solutions. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Everts, A.R.F. (2012) From finite automata to power series and back again. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.


Faber, T. (2012) PbS Based Nanocrystal Field-Effect Transistors. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Feldbrugge, J.L. and Engelen, M. van (2012) Analysis of Betti Numbers and Persistence Diagrams of 2-Dimensional Gaussian Random Fields. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Fikenscher, A.C. (2012) The costs and benifits of socially acquired information. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.


Gaag, D.O. van der (2012) The effect of foraging method on stopover duration in migratory waders. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Gaastra, BF (2012) The GxxxG motif and its relation to the dimerization of α-helical transmembrane proteins. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Galama, T. (2012) Screening the possibilities for sludge processing at Tata Steel. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Gautier, D.A. (2012) Combining Transitional-metal catalysis with aptamer recognition: An ultrasensitive detection scheme for small molecule analytes. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Geertsema, S.L. and Feringa, S. (2012) Automatic separation of skin lesions from healthy human skin. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Genne, M.K. van (2012) The role of BDNF in energy metabolism. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Geraets, C.N.W. (2012) Het effect van shear stress op endotheel permeabiliteit en de rol van stikstofmonoxide. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Ginkel, H.A.L. van (2012) Research report 1: Spatial discordance during pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) regeneration in Bialowieza Primeval Forest, Poland. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Graver, J.C. (2012) Research Report 1: Olanzapine in Roman rats. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Gresnigt, N.M.A. (2012) De schadelijke invloed van additieven in kunststof. Weekmakers in PVC. Bachelor's Thesis, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Greveling, R.G. (2012) Shop Floor Control in shops with high uncertain throughput. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Greving, T.G. (2012) Inflammatory Pathogen Adhesion to the Intestinal Eptihelium. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Gringhuis, A.G. (2012) Melatonin's functions on human circadian rhythms - possible treatment for circadian rhythm sleep disorders. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Groen, K. (2012) HIV-associated dementia. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Groener, M.G. (2012) Veters strikken voor de hulpbehoevenden. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Groeneveld, B.G.H.M. (2012) Comparing optical clocks over long distances. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Groenewold, G.J.M. (2012) Function and regulation of chitin synthase in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Groenewoud, F. (2012) The Effect of Small Scale Habitat Variation on Parental Provisioning Rates in Response to Short-term Brood Size Manipulations. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Groothuis, D.E. (2012) Thiamin pyrophosphate (TPP) analogues as selective inhibitors for TPP-dependent enzymes. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.


Haan, L. de (2012) Atypical Myopathy In Grazing Horses. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Haarsma, B.H. (2012) Patient data exchange between multi-­‐disciplinary hospitals. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Haeringen, W.N. van (2012) Conische epidermale cellen en hun grote verscheidenheid aan manieren waarop ze de aantrekkelijkheid van de bloem voor bestuivers kunnen vergroten. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hafkenscheid, T. W. (2012) Beyond the Cosmic Battery: Charged Accretion Disks and Particle Acceleration. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Haga, P.J. (2012) Artefact detectie in EEG. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Hagting, E. (2012) Usage of air and residual heat in an analogy of a cooling water system to dry wet sodium chloride in a continuous process. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Halteren A.H. van (2012) Thermally self-healing polymeric materials Based on Diels-Alder and retro Diels-Alder model reaction. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Hamming, V.C. (2012) Imaging techniques in Parkinson’s disease: A review of different imaging techniques. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hansen, M.J. and Velema, W.A. and Feringa, B.L. (2012) Novel Photoswitchable Quinolone Analogues. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Harmsma, E.J. (2012) An approach towards a scalable lock-free asynchronous event loop with encapsulated blocking capabilities. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Harris, B. (2012) Visualizing Place Name Etymologies. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Hartman, A.M. (2012) Synthesis and analysis of CoCr2O4. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Hartog, N.J. (2012) Consciousness during sleep and the effect on the appearance of dreaming. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hasniastuti, R (2012) Cloud Computing Adoption in Indonesia. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Have, E.F.E. ten (2012) Reactive Distillation for the Production of 1,4-butanediisocyanate. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Havermans, J.C.A (2012) How do marine target animals benefit from the new Common Fisheries Policy adopted by the European Union? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Havinga, M.A.D. (2012) Het negatieve effect van grote grazers op broedvogels. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Heeg, J. (2012) Downscaling a sorting centre, a study at PostNL sorting centre Zwolle. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Heeringa, J.D. (2012) Research Report 1 : Protective effects of H2S during ischemia in the Isolated Perfused Kidney model. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Heide, F. M. van der (2012) Climate Change and the Match-Mismatch Hypothesis; The effect on several trophic levels in a marine ecosystem. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Heide, R. de (2012) Bijnalichamen. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Heideman, G.H. (2012) Fabrication of Tunneling Junctions by Nanoskiving and Exchange. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Heijnen, J.G.I. (2012) Penta-aryl-cyclopentadiene derivates: 1,2,3,4,5-penta-(3,5-dimethylphenyl)-cyclopentadiene synthesis and europium complex. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Heit, J. (2012) An Orphan stream, dark matter subhalos and the missing satellites in the Aquarius simulations. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Helmus, J.R. (2012) Modeling heat and mass transfer in a shallow vibrating fluidized bed. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Hendriks, E. (2012) Super-Resolution Fluorescence Microscopy for cellular imaging. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hevink, B. (2012) De rol van epitheel-naar-mesenchym transitie bij luchtweg herstructurering in astma. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hoek, J. van de (2012) Hartfalen : Brandstof selectie van het hart in nood. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hoekman, R.L. (2012) Experimental strategies for the identification of miRNA targets. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Hoekstra, S.C. (2012) Lignin depolymerisation to phenol with supercritical water as a medium. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Hoekzema, Y. (2012) Research Project 1 : Hexokinase, an ATP sensing mechanism in yeast? Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Hoexum, M. (2012) Synthesis of DNA-surfactant complexes for DNA-templated polymerization. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Hofman, A.H. (2012) Supramolecular Double-Comb Diblock Copolymers. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Hofstee, G. (2012) Modeling belief revision in multi-agent systems. Master's Thesis / Essay, Artificial Intelligence.

Hofstee, T. (2012) Mechanical dewatering of sludge with addition of ash. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Hoitzing, H. (2012) Double Field Theory. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Hoogland, I.I. (2012) Is behandeling van spinocerebellaire ataxie type 3 mogelijk? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Horsting, N. (2012) Environmental factors influencing nest site fidelity in migratory and residential birds. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Huethorst, E. (2012) De β-cel niche van de pancreas moet verschillende factoren bevatten voor proliferatie en insuline genexpressie van de β-cel. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Huizing, A.P. and Dijken, D.J. van and Feringa, B.L. (2012) Designing nanotubes. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Hulshof, A. (2012) Increase in violence by increase in excessive drug use? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.


Jacobs, S. (2012) Is Active Vaccination the Solution to Prevent Diseases Caused by Staphylococcus aureus Toxins? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jacobse, P.H. (2012) Deposition and Characterization of Functional Hybrid Langmuir Blodgett Films. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Jager, N (2012) De impact voor de industrie van secretie stress veroorzaakt door heterologe eiwitten in Gram-positieve en Gram-negatieve bacteriën. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jagt, R.A. (2012) Dynamic heat transport in a thermal rectifier: Simulations and experiments. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Jans, J and Kiers, R.S (2012) Het visualiseren van afwijkingen in astronomische afbeeldingen. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Jansen, E. (2012) Learning to grab objects with the NAO robot. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Jansen, L.R. (2012) Is er een horror-winter op komst? Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Jansma, A. (2012) Producing large quantities of red blood cells from stem cells for transfusion purposes. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jansma, T (2012) Processing optimization of spin crossover materials in large-area molecular junctions. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Jeensma, A (2012) Automatic website slicing: An open specification and implementation. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Jentsch, M.C. and Postema, F. and Venema, B. and Douwenga, W. and Keijzer, J.N. and Van der Zee, E.A (2012) Research report 1: Whole body stimulation: Neurobiological mechanisms underlying cognitive improvement in mice, and the role of the cholinergic system. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Jentsch, M.C. and Postema, F. and Venema, B. and Douwenga, W. and Keijzer, J.N. and Zee, E.A van der (2012) Research report 2 : Biomarkers for depression: A multi directional approach. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Jeronimus, L.C.W. (2012) Elementary Particles in Curved Spacetime. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Jong, B.M. de (2012) Plant traits in the stress gradient hypothesis. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jong, E. de (2012) Essay: The intracellular life of the Q fever pathogen Coxiella burnetii. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Jong, L.N. de (2012) Feather pecking in laying hens ; stereotypic behaviour caused by heartburn? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Jong, M.E. de (2012) Research Report 1: Long-term effects of reproductive effort on parasite prevalence in great tits (Parus major). Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Jong, T.G. de (2012) Stability of planetary motions in the three body problem: A note on the Arnold-Herman-Fejoz theorem. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Jongsma, A. F. and Nederveen, D. N. (2012) SEEPost: A Secure Electronic Messaging System. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Jonker, S. (2012) Hyperbolic Geometry: Four similarities, one big difference. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Jorritsma, W. (2012) Empirical and Model-based Usability Evaluations of Multiple Radiology PACS Workstation Interfaces. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Joseph, R.C. (2012) The 21-cm Power Spectrum Sensitivity of Current and Future Epoch of Reionization Arrays. Bachelor's Thesis, Astronomy.


K. Starostenko (2012) Verwijdering van zware metalen uit afvalwater. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Kaap, N.J. van der (2012) Electron-transport layers in organic light-emitting diodes. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Kamminga, M.E. (2012) Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy applied to GaSb and GeSb thin films. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Karens, Y.E. (2012) Reducing pneumococcal meningitis related brain damage by inhibition of the host innate immune response. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kerkhof, LD (2012) Argonaute proteins in mammals, revealing individual functions. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kessel, S. P. van (2012) Genetic mapping of Bacillus subtilis biofilm formation genes. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kiers, M. (2012) De rol van oxidatieve stress in Amyotrofe Laterale Sclerose. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Kiewiet, M.B.G. (2012) Research Report 1:Trophoblast invasion and spiral artery remodeling after ultra-low dose endotoxin infusion in pregnant rats. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

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