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A. Schanssema (2013) Silica spray drying. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

A.J. Mensink and A. Kedrov and A.J.M. Driessen (2013) YidC in Nanodiscs. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Aalbers, F.S and Nguyen, Q.T. and Fraaije, M.W. (2013) Cloning and expression of two Mtb deazaflavin dependent nitroreductase homologs from Rhodococcus jostii RHA1. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Acifovic, S. (2013) Altruisme in DIAL. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Akkerman, A. (2013) Non Functional Testing In An Automated Assessment System. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Akkerman, L. (2013) De ziekte van Alzheimer: Welke aangrijpingspunten hebben mogelijk potentie voor het vinden van een goede behandeling? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Albers, H. (2013) Research Report 1 : Spatial distribution of Bivalves in a soft sediment ecosystem: Effects of inundation time and predation by oystercatchers and crabs on the cockle. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Alberts, N. (2013) Serotonergic Dysfunction in Major Depressive Disorder: A role for pro-inflammatory cytokines. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Albrecht, M. (2013) Producing fixed quantities. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Alimohamed, M.Z.A (2013) Research Report 1 : Analysis of ring finger and docking complex upon deletion of aaa-peroxins pex1 and pex6 in saccharomyces cerevisiae. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Alkema, J.T. (2013) Intralocus sexual conflict as a factor of male homosexual preference in humans. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Altemühl, S.R. (2013) Hydrophobicity and charge as explanations for gel-formation of FG-nups in the NPC. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Amaro, C.A. and Renken, R.J. (2013) Internship: Acquisition and optimization of ASL. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Apeldoorn, H.B. van (2013) Automated test client for testing RESTful APIs. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Appel, C.A. (2013) Elastische banding van de arteria pulmonalis. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Ashoti, A (2013) Essay : The evolution of fat grafting: from plastic surgery to regenerative medicine. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Ashoti, A.R.O. (2013) Research Report 1 : A possible role for Vanin in the immunity and ageing of Drosophila Melanogaster. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Asselt, J. van (2013) Many Layered Support Vector Machines. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Ausems, A.N.M.A. and Ouwehand, J. and Both, C. (2013) Research Report 1 : Year-round tracking of the small, long-distance migrant Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca): determining the effects of light level geolocators on its fitness and unravelling its migratory cycle. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Avalur, D.S (2013) Human Breath Detection using a Microphone. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.


Baakman, L.E.N. (2013) Influence of Zipfian Distribution on Learning Second Order Phonotactic Constraints. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Baars, A. L. (2013) The potential of miRNAs in renal regeneration. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bakker, B (2013) Essay : Exploring single-cell sequencing: An overview. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bakker, B (2013) Research Report 2: Identifying MELK as a potential regulator in cytokinesis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bakker, J. G. (2013) Naturalness, the Hierarchy Problem and a solution through Scale Invariance. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Bakker, M. (2013) Modelling depression; a comparison of different rodent models. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bakker M. (2013) Fragment-based design of endothiapepsin inhibitors utilizing protein-templated click chemistry. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Beesems, G. (2013) T-cel veroudering en virusinfecties bij ouderen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Beld, C. van de (2013) Research Report 1: Associating genetic variation in candidate genes to the variation in parasitoid resistance in D. melanogaster. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Belle, J.W. van (2013) Alternative Splicing in Cancer. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Benthem van, K.L. (2013) Huidige inzichten in de preventie van neuralebuisdefecten door foliumzuur supplementatie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Berendsen, A.W.G. (2013) Essay : Understanding CD 4+ T helper 17 lymphocytes biological pathways in the autoimmune disease of the central nervous system multiple sclerosis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Berendsen, A.W.G. (2013) Research Report 1 : The late transgene expressing LSK SLAM population contains fewer integrations in vitro and contributes to more skeletal compartments in vivo. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Berg, D.L. van den (2013) Level en Event Editor. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Berg, F.j. and Want, J.j.l. van der (2013) Research Report 1 : A possible role of PSA-NCAM and climbing fibers in stress induced plasticity in the cerebellum. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Beugeling, N. (2013) Mondhygiëne bij verstandelijk gehandicapten. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bezema, S.M.C. (2013) Sleep and spatial memory consolidation: a role for replay in hippocampal place cell assemblies? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bianchi, R (2013) Obesity and telomere length, a lifetime view. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bigaeva, E. (2013) Research Report 1: New generation fluorescent metal-based complexes as potential anticancer agents: investigation of their biological properties. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bij, K. van der (2013) Essay : Therapeutic opportunities in cervical cancer: targeting the DNA damage response. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bijlsma, K.T. (2013) Essay : Neurodegeneration: What causes Ataxia in Ataxia-Telangiectasia? Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bijlsma, K.T. (2013) Research Report 1 : SAINT:DOPE Based Liposome Polycation Particles for siRNA Delivery siRNA induced Knockdown by SAINT:DOPE based LPD and LP Particles in Endothelial Cells. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bijlsma, K.T. (2013) Research Report 2 : Disease modelling of the PolyQ disease ALS. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Blaauw, F.J. (2013) Gamification in a Social System. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Blijleven, J.S. (2013) Single-particle visualization of chikungunya and dengue viruses. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Boels, A.B.D. (2013) Parameters berekend met de Kinect om balansvermogen te beoordelen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boer, A. de (2013) Research Report 2: MicroRNAs as potential regulators of diabetic nephropathy. The role of miR-10b in diabetic renal fibrosis and inflammation via regulation of TAK1 signalling. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, B. de (2013) Essay : The role of the Bone Marrow Niche in normal and Malignant Hematopoiesis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, B. de (2013) Research Report 1 : Localization of Polycomb-proteins in hematopoietic stem/progenitor cells using fluorescence microscopy. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, B. de (2013) Research Report 2 : The role of Matrix metalloproteinase 25 in the Hematopoietic System. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boer, J. de (2013) Smart Offices: A Web-based Interface For Task Selection. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Boer, M. H. (2013) Lie algebras and the transition to affine lie algebras in two dimensional maximal supergravity. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Boer, M. de (2013) Hebben vrouwen die ‘s nachts werken meer kans op borstkanker door verstoring van de melatonine spiegels? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boer, P. de (2013) CITED2 expression is essential for BCR-ABL-induced leukemia. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boerrigter, M.M. (2013) Research Report 1: New mutations in KCNC3 and their functional effect in spinocerebellar ataxia type 13. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Boers, R.H. (2013) Het effect van depressie op het ontwikkelen van een myocard infarct. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Boersma, S.A. (2013) Chemotherapie: het mechanisme achter de nadelige effecten op het cognitieve vermogen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bokern, K.A. (2013) Research Report 1 : Heat Shock Proteins and the DNA Damage Response. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bommel, P.E. van and Patil, H. and Huckriede, A.L.W. (2013) Research Report 2: Comparison of different sugars for their immunostimulating capacities on influenza vaccines in vitro and in vivo. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bos, A.E. (2013) Personality and survival. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bos, H van den (2013) Research Report 1: Immune Suppression by 5’AMP. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bos, H. van den (2013) Essay: Alternative lengthening of telomeres. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bos, K.H.W. van den (2013) The effect of sodium hypochlorite on poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene): poly(styrene sulfonate acid), a first step into assisted-healing of PLEDs. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Bos, R.M. van den (2013) MreB: the twisted truth. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bosch, L.T. (2013) Research Report 1: The role of Asb11 on proliferation, differentiation and Notch signaling in medulloblastoma cells. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bosch, P.J. (2013) Computer simulation of organic-semiconductor devices. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Bosch, T.F.H. van den (2013) Essay: Can viruses act as modulators of type 1 diabetes? Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bosch, T.F.H. van den (2013) Research Report 1: Towards epigenetic modulation of the EpCAM gene in ovarian cancer. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bosch, T.F.H. van den (2013) Research Report 2: Engineering 4-oxalocrotonate tautomerase for application in carbon-carbon bond-forming reactions. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bossink, S.F. (2013) Signal Peptidase I. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bouisaghouane, A (2013) Finding new digits to replace the letters A-F in the hexadecimal numeral system. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Bouisaghouane, I. (2013) Deflection of light in a massive graviton-field. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Boukes, S.L. (2013) Prothesekokers in ontwikkelingslanden. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Braakhuis, P.S.M. (2013) Bipolaire stoornis: Een endogeen proces of vooral bepaald door omgevingsfactoren? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Braam, E. (2013) Circulating tumor cells in microfluidic devices. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Brands, A (2013) Keuzes in multitasken en de invloed van motivatie daarop. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Brilman, E.J. (2013) Effects of predator characteristics on hunting success on flocks of birds. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Broeders, A.S. (2013) Verschillen in de ontwikkeling van de placenta in een normale zwangerschap versus een diabetes type 1 zwangerschap. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Broekema, R.V. (2013) Norovirus Sequencing Optimization by Means of CODEHOP Primers. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bron R (2013) FOXO-transcriptional programs regulate the protein homeostasis to protect the cell against aging. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bronsema, J.H. (2013) The TRAIL-receptors 1 (DR4) and 2 (DR5) contribute differently to TRAIL-mediated apoptosis. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Brouwer I.N. (2013) Improvements for Lower Extremity Socket Design and Suspension for Children in the Developing World. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bruggen, W. van (2013) Total Synthesis of a Sulfo-Glycopeptidolipid from Mycobacterium avium. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Bruggink, S. (2013) Acid Gas Treating Pilot Plant. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Bruin, D. (2013) Microbial Fencing, van afweer tot coöperatie. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Bruininks, B. M. H. (2013) REVIEW Multiple forms of cytokinesis in D discoideum. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Buitenhuis, H.J.T. (2013) TOF-PET scanner geometries for proton therapy quality assurance: a simulation study. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Buring, R.T. (2013) An explicit algebro-geometric proof of Poncelet's closure theorem. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Bus, P (2013) Essay : World War D: Rise of the diabetics. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bus, P. (2013) Research Report 1 : Identification and expression of the vitamin D receptor in rat kidney. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Bus, P. (2013) Research Report 2 : Biochemical analysis of wild type and exon-3 deficient liver and kidney in mice. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Busschers E. and Gopalakrishnan V. and Boddeke H.G.W.M. (2013) Research Report 2: RE1 Silencing Transcription Factor (REST) plays a role in proliferation and genome instability. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.


Cado van der Lelij, J.A. and van Beukering, P. and Muresa, L. and Cortes, D. and Wolfs, E. and Schep, S. (2013) Research Report 2 : The total economic value of nature on Bonaire. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Capo, F. (2013) Development of a design method for Decision Support Systems. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Casper J. van der Kooi and Bodo D. Wilts and Hein L. Leertouwer and Marten Staal and J. Theo M. Elzenga and Doekele G. Stavenga (2013) Research Report 2 : Iridescent flowers - contribution of surface structures to optical signaling? Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Caumanns J.J. and Kedrov A. and Driessen A.J.M. (2013) Research Report 1 : Role of YidC C-terminus and loop domains in interaction with the ribosome. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Caumanns J.J. and Koçer A. (2013) Essay : Liposomal drug delivery: a focus at mechanosensitive channel applications for cancer treatment. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Caumanns J.J. and Visser J. and De Jong S. (2013) Research Report 2 : Role of the PI3K pathway and ARID1a deficiency in Ovarian Clear Cell Carcinoma. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Chaib De Mares, M. and Hess, J. and Salles, J. F. and Pringle, A. (2013) Research report 2 : A genomic perspective on a transition to symbiosis in ectomycorrhizal Amanita. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Chaib De Mares, M. and Olsen, J. L. and Water, J. A. J. M. van de and Oppen, M. J. H. van and Willis, B. L. (2013) Research report 1 : Synergy between Vibrio coralliilyticus and elevated seawater temperature inhibits the melanisation cascade in Montipora aequituberculata. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Chiang, C (2013) Research report 1:The role of microglia in glioblastoma aggressiveness. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Chiang, C. (2013) Essay: TREM-2 expressing microglia in neurodegeneration. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Christoffers R.B. (2013) Report on different large eddy simulation models. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Claus, M.E. (2013) Research Report 1: Discerning the anthropogenic carbon component of the Southwest Atlantic Ocean. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Colpa, D.I. (2013) Research report 2: Stabilization of haloalkane dehalogenase LinB by computational design. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Coppes, R and Mallavarapu, G (2013) Essay: Tumor Hypoxia: Implications for Radiotherapy. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Cox, L. S (2013) Research Report 2 : Characterisation of novel regulators of protein aggregation involved in age-related proteotoxicity. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Cox, L.S. (2013) Essay : Regulatory T-cells: A potential therapeutic intervention for autoimmune diseases. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Croes, A.E. (2013) Modeling a Planning Domain for Smart Offices. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.


Dai, W. (2013) Small molecule synthesis against MLL with multi-component reaction. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dam, T. van (2013) Research Report 2 : The marketing van de Artificial Pancreas. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Damman, R. and Keyzer, J. de and Driessen, A.J.M. (2013) Targeting of the YidC/Oxa1/Alb3 family to their respective insertion partners. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Damoiseaux, V.A. (2013) Essay: Sex Differences in the Pharmacokinetics of Antidepressants. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Damoiseaux, V.A. (2013) Research Report 1: Media Attention for Drug Safety Issues in the Netherlands from January 2001 - January 2012. Review of the Lay Media. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Daqiq, O. (2013) Internship:Proximal femoral subtrochanteric fracture stabilization management using PFNA and DHS method. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Daqiq, O. (2013) Proximal femoral subtrochanteric fracture stabilization management using PFNA and DHS method. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Datema, P.P. (2013) Protein Loss Reduction at Wey Demineralization. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Degener, F. (2013) Molecular determinants of Wee1 inhibitor resistance. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dekker, J.B. (2013) Implementation of a Table Top Ultra-fast Electron Diffraction Setup. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Delger, N.M. (2013) Cornea deformation due to contact lens. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Devine, C. (2013) Essay: Megafauna of the deep Mediterranean Sea. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Devine, C. (2013) Spatial distribution and abundance of invertebrate larvae in the Blanes submarine canyon and adjacent open slope (North-western Mediterranean Sea). Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Devine, C. (2013) The effect of ecosystem engineers on functional composition of the soft-bottom intertidal community. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dhingra, J. (2013) Influence of protein's molecular weight and polymer's PEG content on protein release from polymeric implants. Master's Thesis / Essay, Pharmacy.

Dieters, J.A (2013) Rationale van atypische antipsychotica in de behandeling van Anorexia Nervosa. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dijk, A.R.G. van (2013) Research Report 1: Schooling behaviour of the Thick-lipped grey Mullet, Chelon labrosus, in a tank. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dijk, A.R.G. van (2013) Research Report 2: The influence of predator presence and habitat complexity on the habitat settlement choice of the Blackspot Snapper, Lutjanus fulviflamma. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dijk, F. van (2013) Essay: Systemic lupus erythematosus in pregnancy - implications for mother and child. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dijk, F. van (2013) Research Report 2: The role of retinoic acid-inducible gene-I in sepsis induced kidney damage. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dijk, K.M. van (2013) Seagrass in the Wadden Sea. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dijk, S. van (2013) Development of inhibitors for Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Kinase 2 (PDHK2) a novel anticancer target. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Dijkstra, D.J. (2013) Het effect van suiker- en vetvervangers op het humane metabolisme. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Dijkstra, F.H. (2013) Modelleren van de zang van de geelgors. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Dijkstra, S. (2013) Pump Systems - the road to optimal design in industrial plants. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Doddema, F (2013) Missing value estimation for DNA microarrays. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Doesburg, F (2013) Developing a System for Integrated Automated Control of Multiple Infusion Pumps: The Multiplex Infusion System. Master's Thesis / Essay, Human-Machine Communication.

Doesburg, I. (2013) Using a joystick to express your opinion about a sonic environment. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Dokter, J.L. (2013) Analysis Methods of Hybrid Systems Applied to Stochastically and Dynamically Colored Petri Nets. Master's Thesis / Essay, Mathematics.

Dommerholt, M.B. (2013) Research Report 1 : Characterizing the adult salivary stem cell; a comparison between the young and the old. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Dorp, J.F. van (2013) A New Chiral, Switchable Dopant for Liquid Crystal Systems. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Douma, M. C. (2013) Causes of divorce in long-term monogamous bird species. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Driessen, F.M.F. (2013) Research Report 1 : Distribution and identification of scyphozoan polyps in Dutch coastal waters. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.


Ebels, L.H. (2013) A Framework for New Technologies within Process Engineering. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Edens, J. G. (2013) Aggregation pheromone of the Colorado Potato Beetle. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Eerbeek, J. van (2013) Essay : Effectivity of Dutch Goose management during the breeding season. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Eerbeek, J. van (2013) Research Report 1 : The effects of satellite tags on Red Knots (Calidris canutus) in Roebuck Bay, Australia. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Eerbeek, J. van (2013) Research Report 2 : Ectoparasite load in growing young and adult barnacle geese in the Dutch delta. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Eerkens, M. (2013) Research Report 1: Engineering an ecosystem engineer: geese-Zostera-Sediment feedback. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Eilander, L.J. (2013) Reversible Polyurethane Systems Using Blocked Isocyanates; Poly(2-oxazoline) Spacers with Quaternary Ammonium Ions for Use in Antimicrobial Coatings. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Eising, J. (2013) Gelfand's Problem and Poncelet's closure theorem. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Eising. K (2013) The influence of human activity on the dispersal of apex predators in the Netherlands between the 11th and 19th century. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Eisink, N. N. H. M. (2013) Enantioselective synthesis of phospholipids containing trans configured cyclopent-1,3-diyl rings. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Ekkers, D. (2013) Gene duplication in prokaryotes. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Ekkers, D. (2013) Surface modification using interfacial assembly of the Streptomyces chaplin proteins. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Encalada Ventura, M.A (2013) Research Report 1 : Influence of Inflammation / Infection on Voriconazole Pharmacokinetics. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Engelage, C.A. (2013) Essay: In Utero Exposure to Selective Serotonin Re-Uptake Inhibitors and the Risk of Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the Newborn. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Engstrand, R. C. and Cappellari, S. and Davis, C. (2013) Research Report 1 : Plant-Pollinator Interactions and the Effect of Climate Change: A Community Phylogenetic Perspective. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Engstrand, R. C. and Howison, R. and Smit, C. and Olff, H. (2013) Research Report 2 : Biotically-Generated Heterogeneity in a South African Savanna Ecosystem. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Engstrand, RC and Thomann, M and Cheptou, P-O (2013) Essay : Effects of Pollinator Decline on the Reproductive System of Centaurea cyanus. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Ensing, E. P. and Ciuti, S. and Wijs, F. A. L. M. de and Lentferink, D. H. and Hoedt, A. ten and Boyce, M. S. and Hut, R. A. (2013) Research report 1: Daily activity patterns of two populations of European and North American deer (Cervus) deduced from GPS positioning. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Esposito, S. (2013) Data Replication in Offline Web Applications: Optimizing Persistence, Synchronization and Conflict Resolution. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Essen, M. van (2013) CO2 as a scaling suppressor. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Euson, A.J. (2013) The complex mechanisms of antibody-enhanced disease following dengue virus infection. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Exterkate, M (2013) Research Report 1: A real-time single molecule direct-translocation study reveals monomeric SecYEG being sufficient for pre-protein translocation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.


Fakkert, H.F. (2013) Ring species - do they exist? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Fieten, N.N. (2013) The effects of sound on fish behavior: Anthropogenic noise in the North Sea. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Fikenscher, A.C. (2013) Research Report 1 : The effect of roads and traffic on the breeding success of the Black-Tailed Godwit. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Folkersma, Steven (2013) Influence of cantilever surface modification on the quality factor of microresonators. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Forche, K. A. (2013) The theory and discovery of the Higgs boson. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Franken, H. (2013) DNA Aptamers Binding Polymyxin B: Optimization of the Selection Process. Bachelor's Thesis, Chemistry.

Freyer, P. (2013) Random walk of pVIc peptide on confined, two-dimensional DNA-origami carpets. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Frieswijk, K. (2013) The Symplectic Camel. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.


Gankema, T. (2013) Mining of words from undersegmented word images using holistic matching and tree-based search. Bachelor's Thesis, Artificial Intelligence.

Garcia Diaz, E. (2013) Research Report 1: Down-regulation and up-regulation of estrogen receptor alpha using zinc-finger constructs for epigenetic editing or the estrogen receptor antagonist 4-oht to inhibit cancer cell proliferation. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Gasteren, A. E. van (2013) The Sanderling: monogamous, or not? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Geertsema, R. J. (2013) Woody encroachment threatens savannas. What is causing it? Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Geertsema F.S. (2013) Semantic relatedness using web data. Master's Thesis / Essay, Computing Science.

Geffen, K. van (2013) Sparse Approximate Inverse Methods. Bachelor's Thesis, Mathematics.

Gengler, T. (2013) Aerosolvorming in combinatie met beademingssystemen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Gjaltema, F. (2013) Characterisation of a dual-head PET scanner for quality assurance in proton therapy. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Gommers, M.I. (2013) Local adaptation in pelagic shark species. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Goot, E. van der and Bruinenberg, V. and Zee, E. van der and Anjema, K. (2013) Research Report 2: The effects of BH4 on depression and anxiety disorders in PKU mice. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Goot, G. van der (2013) Effect of molt on the homarid lobster’s life cycle. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Goot, T. van der (2013) Effects of impurities on CO2 storage in depleted gas fields in northeast Netherlands. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Gore, E. (2013) Research Report 1 : Dose finding for microarray studies for compounds inducing liver necrosis. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Goumans, I.C. (2013) Long chain branching on linear polypropylene in the melt by free radical reaction. Master's Thesis / Essay, Chemistry.

Grasdijk, J.O. (2013) The Search for the Permanent Electric Dipole Moment of 129Xe. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

Graver, J.C. and Adema, M.M. (2013) Research Report 2: Is outsourcing nonclinical abuse liability tests the future for Janssen? Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Gravesteijn, C. (2013) Het epigenetisch geheugen van geïnduceerde pluripotente stamcellen. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Greeve, Y. (2013) The Restoration of Blue Mussel Reefs in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Greving, T.G. (2013) Redesigning and Improving a two-layer Skin Phantom. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Grieken, J.P.S. van (2013) Measuring the impact of broadband. Master's Thesis / Essay, Industrial Engineering and Management.

Groen, I and Hosson, J. Th. M. de and Ocelík, V and Mansilla-Sanchez, C (2013) Residual stress measurements in a DLC coating by the FIB milling and DIC analyses. Bachelor's Thesis, Physics.

Groeneveld, C.A. (2013) CT quantification of pulmonary emphysema. Bachelor's Thesis, Biology.

Groenewold, G.J.M. (2013) Research Report 1 : Engineering non ribosomal peptide synthetases in Penicillium chrysogenum. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

Groenewold, S and Winter, K.L and Veldthuis, J (2013) Anaconda: Detecting private-information leaks in Android apps using static data-flow analysis. Bachelor's Thesis, Computing Science.

Groenewoud, F. (2013) Essay : Costs, Constraints and Cooperation: individual expression of helping strategies in a cooperative breeder. Master's Thesis / Essay, Biology.

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 Cells. Master's Thesis / Essay, Physics.

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